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i love stuff!! i love surrounding myself with things that i like. you can check out some of those things if you'd like!
this page is still a wip obviously! but enjoy!

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a small figure of madoka kaname and kyubey i've been collecting figures since 2013 or so. my first figure was a nendoroid petit of madoka that i got on amazon, but that's not where i got most of my figures. there are/were these ebay sellers that, as far as i can tell, just go to mangasoukos (basically big jpn goodwills) and resell figures online. they were usually auctions, starting at 99c or $5, and at the time, the shipping was like... $1-3. maybe up to ten dollars if it was a big one. it's. not like that anymore. i think it mostly changed once covid hit. but i got a lot of my figures that way for a long time. it still took some effort though, scrolling thru hundreds of secondhand figs of mostly stuff i didn't care about every now and then, looking for something good that hadn't had its price driven up too much yet. but it's always really cool finding something you didn't expect!! digging through stuff like that, while a pain, can be really satisfying.

screenshot of my winning bid on a small konata figure that was shipped from japan for frankly a bonkers price of $2.60 i will never find deals this good again, aside from actually going to japan. TTwTT

that said, i don't have any scale figures. i don't think i've paid more than $60 for one figure yet. i do have uhhhh.. an extensive wishlist.. but i'm not at a point financially where i can buy $100+ figs yet. but hopefully someday!

these two are some of my favorites. they're a little hard to display because they don't have anything that keeps them on the stand, so they have to be laid flat, but someday i'd like to attach them to the stand and display it on the wall or maybe in a plate holder. there's an eyes open and eyes closed variant for each, but i chose this combination because i liked the sort of contentment homura has with her eyes closed, and the sort of worry on madoka's with hers open. they're together, but something's not right.

well i just love these little eggs!
i had a few of them as a kid, but i wasn't able to hold onto them for some reason or another.
i started building a new collection around the end of 2022! currently i just run the uni.

i have ten tamas now, and i'm not really planning to get any more atm, unless they start re-releasing tamagotchi connections. if you don't know much about tamagotchi, they're probably the ones you're most familiar with. i remember having one with a star antenna, but i can't remember which. they can get pretty expensive if you want one in good condition.
the connections hold a sort of special place in my heart though - even as the color models evolve and have more detail, sometimes i don't find them quite as charming as the little pixel guys.
so if i got any more, it'd probably be a connection! (of course this wouldn't be an issue if bandai would re-release some of those instead of MORE p1 tamas but whateverrr whatever)

i will continue adding to this page over time!
my wonder garden tamagotchi ON is definitely the most expensive one i have, but also one of the best! there's a lot to do in the meets/on versions. the case is from this seller (who i highly recommend)! tama cases are actually what got me into crochet in the first place. i made the cases for my 4U and iDL in the group pic up there. i made the little keychain too.