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welcome to my site!!

my name is shay. this is where i do whatever i want!!
this site serves no purpose other than being a place for me to hang out. i hope you like it! i only started making it in february, so there aren't many pages yet.
  • march
    27th: updated the layout for collections and added a bit in the figures section! updated guestbook a little. oh, i also made it so light mode is the default now, i just like it too much.
  • 21st: big layout change :3 still wip, but i'd rather get it published than keep fussing over it forever
  • february
    26th: added some stuff to /collections, switched to an on-site guestbook
  • 20th: credits page up, collections page up - nothing on it yet but it's a totally separate layout from the normal one. i got a little carried away.
  • 15th: redid dark theme, added visitor counter and status cafe, also updates will only be on /home now bc updating every page every time i update is insane
  • 13th: fleshing out nav, added more to /about, added fishtank
  • 12th: added some stuff to the welcome screen and /about
  • 11th: gif toggle stickied, added font options
  • 8th: added win98 css elements to the buttons and tables
  • 7th: chatbox is up, desktop only for now. also added gif toggles
  • 6th: theme toggle up, although it will be moved/styled
  • 5th: update box moved
  • 3rd: getting this thing going
  • to-do
    - update other pages with new layout (mostly done)
    - make journal/blog layout
    - make links page (let me know if you'd like ur button on it!)
    - add more to /collections
    - other pages planned etc
    - find another good font option?